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Artist: Joanna McConnell

Corfu Greece - painting by trevarno lodge art group artist Joanna Mcconnell


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Corfu Greece

Landscape Painting

Art Medium:
Image Size 25" x 25"
This is a painting of greece and and example of one of my landscapes,
I love to express light in my work.
Artist: Joanna McConnell

Portrait Artist

Commissions Invited



About The Artist
After studying for a year at London University of Art Joanna decided to embark on a full time career in painting. She has exhibited in Surrey and has plans to take her work around London next year. She came second in the Surrey Artists Open Competition at the Lightbox Gallery Woking and narrowly missed out on winning the peoples prize too (2010).
Her main interest lies in painting but she has an affection for all areas of art including illustration and tattoo design.
Portrait Artist Joanna Mcconnell's Website
"I have a personal style preference in my work, nevertheless I like to keep my customers happy and understand that certain colours and moods are preferred, so when it comes to commissions I can adapt my painting to suit you. the most important thing to me is that the paint illiterates the emotion and personality of the subject.
I love to involve colour in my work, from keeping to colour schemes to subtly enhancing the natural shades in the skin, but this is somthing that can be excluded from a commission if necassary."
Commissions of any size are taken and prices range from 50 to 500+ pounds depending on the size of the canvas.
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Painting has become my passion and my forte. Art nouveau was my first influence. It introduced me to painting, in particular painting figures. It helped me to understand the importance of composition. Dan O' Sullivan an artist working in surrey developed my portraiture skills; he noticed my talent and encouraged me to paint and progress. He tutored me whilst painting the boy witch still remains my favourite piece of work. I quickly learnt that skin is very complex; it's a mass of colours and tones that can be manipulated to get different effects. I spent a year experimenting with abstract work, mixing my photography and drawing skills, this year was spent at Epsom art school. This work can be viewed in my gallery and prints are available.

I paint to achieve a photographic effect, yet I try to obtain a painterly and free style. I use the mark making process as a way of reflecting the subjects emotion. I want my work to be thought provoking, to highlight often sensitive issues that can easily be overlooked by our modern society. My series of African babies are all orphans that have been taken in and cared for by the tlc charity. They have all fallen victim to the soul destroying illness aids, it's affected some of the children directly but some have consequently been left alone to live parentless until adopted. Thankfully they are not the forgotten children and have been blessed with a loving and caring orphanage to call home.

The Trevarno Lodge Art Group was formed by the landscape artist Stuart Wilson. I meet with them three times a week to paint in an informal, social and very welcoming environment where anyone of any age or ability can paint or draw. If you are interested in joining our group or fancy trying out art for a bit please email me for more information.