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Artist: Iain White

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Garden Party Painting by Leatherhead Surrey Artist Iain White  

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Garden Party

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Art Medium: Acrylic On Canvas

Image Size: 40 x 50cm

Iain White
Portraits & Other Paintings in Acrylic, Pastel & Conte

Phone: 01372 373 260 Please mention the Surrey Artists website



Personal Statement
I have concentrated on the portrait as for me the face is an endlessly interesting subject to paint, and one that we can all relate to.
I work from photographs as they provide an accurate foundation upon which the painting can develop, whilst still keeping the subtlety of a momentís expression.
Most of my portraits are acrylic on canvas or board but I also use pastel and conte on tinted paper.
For a further selection of my work and details on prices and ordering please visit my website (link above).
Mum Sarah Grace with Portrait Commission by Leatherhead Surrey Artist Iain White
Happy Mum with Commission Of Milo
'Thanks for the portrait of our lovely boy Milo! It's one thing to capture the facial elements of a person accurately, it's another to portray something of the metaphysical/spirit of the subject. You do both... in spades. Thank you so much for investing so much care and intelligence into every stroke. We love it!'
Artist's Biography
Drawing and painting have been important to me since childhood. My best presents were cartridge pads, tins of crayons and paintboxes. The simple pleasure of making 'pictures' was so much more fun than maths homework or Evensong choir practice with all those psalms. But then what isn't?
At school I had a wonderful art teacher, Pat Adams, who encouraged me to explore different media and study painters past and present. So a new world opened up and with it dreams of being an artist. I took a Foundation Course in Art and Design in Epsom and then started a Fine Art Degree in Bristol.
I continued to paint during my spare time from work and gradually concentrated on portraiture. The human face and form crosses all boundaries and is therefore the most familiar and accessible of subjects I had painted family and friends from life over the years but once I started working from photos my confidence grew. To start with this made me uneasy until I found that painters, Sickert for example, had used photos as a starting point. From those early efforts I began to get commissions from family, friends and then by word of mouth. I look to the portraits by artists such as Degas, Sargent and Freud to help me with ideas about brushwork, composition and colour.
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