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Healing Through Art
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Fiona Channon
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Healing Through Art
These are turbulent times for many people and the stresses on the body and mind can sometimes be overpowering. Sometimes we feel the need to reach out for help, but we do not know from where, or what it is we seek.

Fiona Walter-Channon has been involved in a holistic and spiritual way of living for many years and she has developed a way of transferring healing energy to people in need. It may simply be in the form of healing with a "hands on" approach, but more interestingly, she is able to channel paintings with healing energy to help the person in need to grow, heal and recover from whatever ails them.

By sitting in meditation with a pad and pencil, Fiona asks for a picture relevant to the person who has come to see her and then waits for a picture to come through her hands.

The energy in the room changes considerably and the sitter will feel the benefits whilst waiting for his/her drawing. The pictures themselves are able to bring forth issues that perhaps have been buried for some time in the sitter’s psyche and in this way the issues are dealt with and healed. The pictures may appear to be different at various times as certain aspects of it are surfacing enabling the sitter to understand why they are feeling the way they do. The painting will speak to the subconscious and sometimes the first viewing can be surprising, but on a very deep level, the painting is already working. After a time, the painting will seem different. The effects are long lasting and beneficial. It is a gentle therapy of a very different kind.


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